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Our Mission is to assist artists in taking their skills and talents to an exceptional level. Our Vision is to create a platform for artists to obtain services from one place.


Musician's Services:

The staff at Maine’s Gear Production is passionate about people and music, creating a conducive environment for singers and musicians to take their talent to exceptional heights by offering:

  • Artist Establishment & Management
  • Musical Composing and Recording
  • Vocal and Instrumental Coaching and Training
  • Musical Workshops (Local and National)
  • Musical Event Bookings
  • Studio Recording
  • Visual and Printed Graphic Productions

Artist Support Services:

No need to shop around when you can have your every artistic need met at Maine’s Gear:

  • Writing & Publishing
  • Engineering
  • Graphics
  • Production
  • Copyright ©
  • Vocals
  • Administration
  • Mastering & Mixing
  • Quality Control
  • Web Design

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